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8 ways Business Intelligence is essential to improving your business (Part 1)

Evolving and improving have always been key traits of any successful business. Learning from the past, studying the present and forecasting are core activities of every managerial team. Should those activities be done correctly success follows, if those calculations fail then the organisation is likely to limit its growth, or worse.

Below you can see the first four points that ‘reveal’ how a reliable Business Intelligence (BI) strategy and system can help a business understand its past, clearly see its present and accurately predict its future:


  1. Become more productive.Time consuming processes needed to gather and analyse data are a thing of the past.  A BI system acquires the relevant data and creates reports as quickly as the click of a button, thus employees can allocate their time and efforts to more productive tasks.
  2. Make informed/intelligent decisions.Decisions are frequently made by managers that review data that is far from objective, unavoidably these decisions do not yield favourable results. BI processes will allow you to monitor present and previous performances giving you valuable insight on which to base the decisions that will affect the future of your company.
  3. Get your actual performance closer to the set goals.Due to its real time nature BI supports constant control and oversight over information by whoever in the company needs it, whenever they need it. Goals can now be followed up on regularly so that necessary adjustments are made to align them with what is actually happening.
  4. How are your Consumers Behaving? Recognising trends as to how your consumers are behaving is an invaluable insight. All the data generated by your transactions with your existing customers can be analysed to better understand them and anticipate their needs. Ultimately this information can lead to more effective product design and marketing efforts that increase your bottom line.


The digital transformation of the whole market landscape is a reality that all businesses should effectively acknowledge. Day in and day out huge amounts of data are compiled and processed, why not take advantage of that fact with the appropriate analysis?


Download the below FREE article to gain a more detailed description of what Business Intelligence systems are and why they are so effective:

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