5 Tips on How to hire the best, in order to be the best

Great news! Your company is expanding rapidly and you are in a hurry to find the workforce that you need. But while in the process, you realize this isn’t as easy as you thought it would be. Don’t be surprised. Finding the right people to hire is certainly not an easy task and often puts a lot of pressure on both recruiters and managers. On top of this, candidates now engage in fierce competition especially due to the shifting economic climate. This enforces the need to distinguish well between the good, the bad and the ugly. Don’t forget that recovering from a bad hire can be very costly and painful for your organization as it may involve substantial hiring expenses, lost productivity but also running the risk of exposing privileged company information to the wrong people

In light of the above, here are a few tips to make the lives of your recruiters and managers a bit easier and help you find the best hires for your company. Note, that this is not an exhaustive list but surely a good place to start.

  1. Get your job posting in front of the right people

 Building a great job posting is the first step of your hiring process. In order to increase your chances of finding the right candidate for your company, it is important that you push your content to appear in front of the right audience. Advanced recruiting software solutions provide great capabilities in this area and may easily allow you to get your job postings to various external sites, microsites and job boards in a highly targeted manner.

  1. Build your talent pool

 Stop struggling to fill in the gaps as they come in but instead be proactive by maintaining a strong talent pool of candidates that you may access whenever necessary. At the same time, build a relationship with potential candidates who are still thinking whether or not to apply. The “magic trick” here is to keep them engaged and informed so that they re-visit your careers page until the right position opens for them. Solutions like SuccessFactors’ Recruiting Management give the ability for external candidates to create personal profiles in the careers site and set up their own alerts when positions that fulfill their criteria are posted.

  1. Pre-screen your candidates

You can save a lot of valuable time by asking your candidates to answer a few pre-screening questions while completing their job application. A recruiting software solution that offers the ability to set up pre-qualifying questions sometimes accompanied with a weighted score can be used to automatically disqualify or rank applicants based on their responses. This will significantly reduce the administrative workload of your recruiters and help them manage more efficiently the big volume of applicants, focusing only on the most qualified ones.  

  1. Get the managers involved

Who knows the profile of the right candidate for a position better than the manager himself? Keep the managers involved in the entire recruiting process as they are more aware of the qualifications, knowledge and personal traits that the right candidate must have. Their input can be invaluable when building your job postings, assessments and defining the required competencies and skills. The later can be used as your guide for the entire assessment process giving you direction of what to search and ask for from a candidate.

  1. Assess candidates effectively

Set up a streamlined process for assessing your shortlisted candidates based on the skill set that you are looking for. Use tools that allow recruiters and hiring managers to evaluate those skills and stack rank candidates in order to quickly identify the best fit. Ensure that the process is consistent for all shortlisted candidates to avoid any possible bias. Currently, the best recruiting management solutions provide many intuitive tools of assessing candidates that help to easily identify the top performers you need for your business success.

Author: Ioulia Vanezi, Business Solutions Consultant, Supernova Consulting Ltd  

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