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When Cloud computing meets business intelligence:

Cloud computing and business intelligence provide the perfect match. On the one hand, business intelligence is about delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, and on the other hand, cloud computing offers a lightweight, agile way to access BI applications. Cloud BI applications’ are accessible from multiple devices and web browsers, therefore, there is no need to access the application on-site, information is available on the go.


Some further significant attributes of such an application are::

  • reduces data center and IT management costs,
  • faster deployment times,
  • increases flexibility as business needs change.

Organizations can use Cloud BI to easily discover and share insights between the departments, and as a result make better decisions. With the use of the Cloud, the different departments, whether in a different building or country, can check the information and reports generated instantly, without having the need to connect to a different network or to perform any installation like occurs with the on-premise solutions. Other organizations are using the cloud for proof-of-concept projects that later lead to in-house deployments of BI software, according to analysts and BI vendors. One of the reasons companies refrain from adopting or expanding cloud-based approaches to BI is data integration complexities, as well as security concerns about sending sensitive business data beyond the corporate firewall for storage.

Moreover, Cloud BI applications, like other cloud applications, tend to be easier for end-users to operate and set up, which means reduced IT involvement and costs. Applications designed for the Cloud are very simple to deploy, since they require no additional hardware or software installations, and can be rapidly scaled to accommodate for an increase in the number of users in an organization. Last but not least, they can be accessed on any web browser or on any mobile device.

Cloud BI – Aiming for the sky?

The potential of cloud BI is astonishing. Enterprises are migrating to the cloud and are already enjoying the benefits, such as lowered cost, increased deployment speed and ease of use. Cloud applications now boast equivalent computing power to on-premise applications offering users feature-depth that was, up until now, only available in locally installed software.

Cloud BI promises to become a sine-qua-non in the analytic and BI strategies of enterprises, by providing end-users with real-time access to business data of the utmost importance. Cloud BI is not only the visualization of your data, but is the visualization of SUCCESS!

Author: Foivia Nikolaou, Business Solution Developer and Analytics Consultant, Supernova Consulting Ltd 

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