The hottest trends in HR systems 

You probably have recently read in articles or participated in seminars, events, or discussions regarding the increasing importance of Human Resources Management (or rather Human Capital Management), and how it is gradually taking its well-deserved strategic place within organizations. This is an important development in the business world, as HR can help the organization know and grow their people, unlock their potential and align their talent with the needs of the business.

Look beyond Recruiting and Absence Management

Our experience has shown that many companies in our region are so focused on the administrative side of HR and the hiring of new people that they end up ignoring the people they already have. But forward looking HR professionals know that employee engagement must extend well beyond the administrative and recruiting processes.

Newest Trends in HR Systems

With the right technology in place, HR will be able to drive real business value rather than serving a primarily administrative purpose.

  •  Cloud HR systems are In, On Premise is Out

Recent trends have shown that HR is moving to the cloud at a rapid pace and will continue to do so.

There are many reasons to move to the cloud, including rapid deployment, reduced support, improved flexibility, lower costs, as well as others that may not be as obvious. However, these benefits and bottom-line considerations are dependent on the technical capabilities and experience of the cloud vendor you choose.

  •  Integrated HR systems are In, Non-Integration is Out

Integrated, end-to-end suites are gaining ground compared to traditional, standalone solutions that allow HR departments to address only part of their core business processes. End-to-end means that the system can support the entire employee lifecycle, from Recruit to Retire. It is equally important to see that these integrated suites allow organizations to have seamless HR processes for newfound efficiency and value.

  •  Beautiful, Mobile, Collaborative is In, Legacy Software experience is Out

Technology must be simple, intuitive and useful. This means to have a modern and attractive user interface that is available anytime, anywhere and be collaborative all at the same time. If it is not, then people will not use it. Organizations that excel in providing a mobile and collaborative access have a significant competitive advantage. They move faster and they are more productive.

For HR, moving towards more intelligent yet simple, cloud, mobile and integrated solutions is not only a trend, but it is becoming the default model. HR’s major challenge today is to manage complex processes that are now beyond the capabilities of traditional HR applications. Investing in the right HR technology could directly improve HR processes and boost the bottom line of the organization.

Author: Elia Petrou, Cloud Solutions Manager, Supernova Consulting Ltd. 

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