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Bring the customer back to the center… and start from within! 

How can organizations build a customer-centric culture starting from their own people?

Four points to formulate, communicate and benefit from a customer-centric culture by implementing SAP® SuccessFactors. 

HR departments usually focus their processes and efforts on building strong relationships with employees. While empowering employees to succeed is crucial to any company, HR departments might overlook external opportunities that could benefit the organization’s broader business strategy.

 “Almost every HR practice can be filtered through the eyes of the customer”

Dave Ulrich, professor of business at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

By taking into account customers’ needs, an HR department can improve HR practices in the utmost beneficial way for a company. Additionally, by interacting with customers and improving customer relations, the HR department can achieve having healthier, happier, and successful employees.

Moreover, a customer-centric culture depicts an organization that acts from a customer’s point of view. Employees are no longer in the middle of management decisions and customer needs but come into the center of the company’s culture and act towards the customer’s benefit (and of course, company’s benefit as these two are aligned!). Therefore, it is acutely important that each employee understands how customers feel, what customers need and why.

To think and act in the interest of the customer, everyone must be clear about the role they play in making that a reality (Ian Golding, 7 Top tips to create a customer-centric culture).

For an organization to achieve this, the best place to begin is employee management strategies. Development of systems that help people understand, train, retain and reward employees while on the other hand, implementing internal management tools and business processes to reduce time consumption on daily tasks within organizations.

Below are 4 points on how SAP SuccessFactors combines the tools that can help organizations improve their employee management strategies.

  • Get the people you need and make them the right people

Hiring top talent is not enough. Companies are looking for employees who have the personality to match the organizations’ culture and can align their goals. Establishing automated and efficient processes that are consistent with your recruiting strategy has become a necessity. You can define staffing needs by identifying them in the organization’s succession plan so that organization can focus on more strategic management processes to gain the competitive advantage that is crucial for the company’s success and sustainability.

  • Change the way of thinking

Enable employees with easy-to-use self-services to speed up processes and move workflows forward.  Release them from the burden of daily, time-consuming tasks and help them improve efficiency and compliance. (timesheet fill out, request for time off, reports for daily overview, self-assessments, or even release the employee from the need of working on a desk by incorporating the use of Cloud and Mobile).  

Empower employees by forming groups, networks, and share knowledge around common goals, interests, projects, work experience.

  • Train your people

Guide, connect and develop new recruits or internally develop employees. You can accelerate the induction of a new hire with training (security, policies Etc.) and connect them with the right people and relevant content right from the first day at work. The right system will help managers personalize and manage recruiting tasks assigned to new hires.

Transform workforce learning by combining formal, informal, social, and extended learning together with innovative content management, analytics, and mobile capabilities. This can result in learning that improves skills, develops leaders, engages employees and adapts to the constantly changing customer needs.

  • Retain and Reward

Keep employees focused on tasks and responsibilities that support your broader business strategy. With direct visibility into company strategy, employees can set goals that connect to and align with that strategy.

Establish a meaningful, ongoing feedback loop between managers and subordinates, turning the occasional performance review into an ongoing dialogue focused on improving employee performance and customer satisfaction. Identify High Performers, streamline the process and create development plans for employees.

Creating a sustainable customer-centric culture is not easy, however, every power comes from within

Business innovation through technology comes from and through our people.

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Author: Evgenia Antoniou – Business Solutions Support Consultant AKT Cyprus (Supernova) 

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